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In our day today life, we do lots of tips or tricks which makes certain tasks lot easier, but I bet there are certain things which you might be doing wrong every day. You’ll be surprised to learn that several things that you do on a daily basis, like drinking a coke, folding a t-shirt are not being done right. Here in this post we have listed few things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life and how to improve those mistakes.

1. Put a straw on the top hole of the Can and your coke will no longer leak out.


2. During cooking, you should use the hole in the pot to hold your spoon.


3. To quickly cool a drink, wrap it in a moist paper towel and put it in the refrigerator. It will be nice and cool in just 15 minutes!


4. You can make full rounded eggs without buying any special tools or gadgets – you only need to cut an onion into a ring and put an egg into it.


5. Fold T-Shart like a Boss. Simply follow the instruction below. It’s really easy and quick to do.


6. Simply put your earphone above your ear. No wonder they kept falling out this entire time.


7. If you do some small cuts in an orange, then it rolls out in a nice, orderly, non-sticky fashion.


8. If you want to clean your blender, use dish soap and water and simply blend before rinsing, Instead of scrubbing it.


9. Cut the ice cream with the tub and place the cutted piece on a cookie, and cover with another cookie. cheers!


10. If you didn’t catch this, yogurt containers like these are meant to be flipped.


11. To ensure that electric wires are not separated while dragging, tie a small knot at this point where you add them together.


12. Watermelons should be always cut crosswise


13. To enjoy the burger to the fullest one should place his thumb and little fingers at the bottom and other three fingers on top to support the burger.


14. An apple should not be eaten by biting its side, instead eat it from bottom.


15. A wine glass should not hold by wrapping your hand around it, instead hold it by pinching the stem.

Wine guide Australia

16. Your body should always be kept straight while doing push-ups and pressure should be exerted to the arms & abs.

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17. Using a straw to hull strawberries is the right way. 


18. You can use a disposable bottle to reseal a plastic bag.

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