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How to get Rid of Rats?

This is the most common question asked? It is common to find Rats everywhere in the world and these extremely unpleasant creatures enter in our home without being welcomed and turn everything literally into rubbish. They are able to live in the most inhospitable conditions, and carries some terrible diseases to human. Rats with their large front teeth can cut and chew almost anything they find around. Although we clean our resident but these unpleasant creatures find their way to enter. Their favorite places to stay are basement, pipeline, kitchen, garden shed, etc. These creature, reproduce easily, imagine a female rat can have 15- 22 pups annually. So if you do not take any action immediately, in no time these creature can cause terrible problems, Although there are many pesticides are available to eliminate these creatures. But we have some effective home remedies and methods to get rid of rats naturally. Try them out!

Home Remedies and methods to Get Rid of Rats

1. Onion

Rats cannot bare onion’s smell. So, put some slices of onions in those places where they get around like basement, pipeline, kitchen cabin, etc. This will help you get rid of rats very easily.

2. Owl’s Feather

Rats are afraid of owl’s feather. Place owl’s feather inside rat holes and it will force them to run away and you will get rid of rats in no time.

3. Baby Powder

Sprinkle some baby powder in those places where rats get around. Baby powder is harmful for rats. Although this method is not so effective but you can give a try once in a week.

4. Cow Dung

It is stinky process but it is very helpful to get rid of these unwanted creatures. You can take some cow dung and spread it in your garden, when rats eat cow dung it will cause inflammation in their stomach and eventually die.

5. Human Hair

This process may sound weird, but rat cannot digest as well as can’t bear sight of human hair. You can place some human hair at those places where they tend to visit the most. As they eat hair, they will die.

6. Soda

This is very effective way to get rid of rats, mix some sugar with soda and place at strategic points where you think these rodent tend to visit often. Since they love sugar, hence they eat it and will die in no time.

7. Plaster of Paris

This method consist in making a mixture of gypsum, floor and salt, put this mixture on the input of your home or wherever you think rats enter in your home, when the creature eat this, with in no time this mixture will harden inside rat’s stomach and cause death, get rid of rats permanently.

8. Chocolate and Plaster

Rats love sweet, so chocolate is an excellent ingredient to attract the attention of these creatures. You’ll need to mix chocolate and plaster in equal parts, this method works same as the previous one.

9. Get a Cat

Cats are good hunter and natural rat eater. Cat will help you get rid of rats in a way of natural cycle. Within just a few weeks, a cat can clean up all the rat from your home.

10. Ammonia

Take a glass of water, 2-3 cups of regular ammonia and 2 spoon of detergent, mix in a bowl. Place the mixture where rats tend to visit more. Rats can’t stand the smell of ammonia, hence this method will help you get rid of rats.

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