Know the Full Form of the Most Common Word!!

Friends, today we’re going to discuss some common words that we use in our daily lives. Although we use these words in our daily life but aren’t knowing their Full Form. For instance SMILE, PEN, AIM, JOKE, etc.

We’re using these words on daily basis and thinking that they are words but are an abbreviation or short form of some words.

Here we showcase Full Form of some most commonly used words, You must know about:

Tea: Taste and Energy AdmittedTea- Taste and Energy Admitted

Smile: Sweet Memories In Lips Expressions Smile- Sweet Memories In Lips Expressions

Pen: Power Enriched In Nib. Pen- Power Enriched In Nib.

Aim: Ambition In Mind Aim- Ambition In Mind

Bye: Be with You Everytime Bye- Be with You Everytime

Chess: Chariot Horse Elephant SoldiersSChess- Chariot Horse Elephant SoldiersS.

Joke: Joy Of Kids EntertainmentJoke- Joy Of Kids Entertainment.

Eat: Energy and Taste Eat- Energy and Taste

Date: Date and Time Evolution Date- Date and Time Evolution

Cold: Chronic Obstructive Lung DiseaseCold- Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.

News Paper: North East West South Past and Present Events Report News Paper- North East West South Past and Present Events Report

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